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The Americanna brand stands for quality and excellence. A consumer who sees our COA will know the product has been rigorously tested to be safe. We provide laboratory testing to hemp growers, medical marijuana treatment centers (MMTCs) and dispensaries, CBD vape shop owners, Nutritional and herbal supplement manufacturers who use CBD in their products. Americanna provides a certificate of analysis (COA) to our clients presenting the results for the testing the client has requested. Our goal is to ensure, to the best of our scientific experience, that a client’s products are going to be safe for the consumer to use.

We provide high level of quality in analytical testing.

The Name in trusted Testing

Regulatory changes and increasingly positive support for the use of cannabis and cannabis-based products has resulted in development of numerous medical cannabis products. At Americanna, we see these products as any pharmaceutical or product intended for medicinal use; where consumer safety is our number one priority. The product’s safety and efficacy must be demonstrated, which requires an increasing need for highly professional analytical services. Our vast experience in analytical services for the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries means we are in a unique position to help our clients with all stages of testing and evaluation.

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Americanna got its start from its parent company ADPEN Laboratories.  ADPEN is a family owned, minority owned company that has been a leader in Agrochemical, Pharmaceutical and Food Safety testing for over 30 years.  Throughout that time and still today, we have maintained a family-oriented atmosphere, employing highly skilled individuals whom together are able to achieve great things.  In 2018, we saw a need to enter the Cannabis market.  Our personal lives are affected every day by loved ones who are seeking relief from the use of Cannabis products.  Our goal is to be the leaders in testing and making those products safe for the consumer.    

Americanna has partnered with Agilent technologies, the leader in Cannabis testing instrumentation and has invested heavily in obtaining the right instrumentation to get the job done, on time and efficiently.

Our highly trained staff consist of MD on staff, PhD, degreed Chemist and technicians who are dedicated to their work and meeting customer demands. 

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