Submission Instructions


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It is important to state that shipping cannabis and cannabis-derived products through the mail can be risky business. While we hold appropriate DEA licensing, products originating from outside of Florida can only be tested if they are derived from Cannabis sativa L. which qualify as industrial hemp or hemp-derived products. If you are approved by the Florida Department of Health to sell medical marijuana products, contact us directly to discuss how our Florida state certified services can help you.

Please read our Terms and Conditions prior to submitting samples for testing.


It is important to prepare samples for testing before submitting them for testing.

Plant and biomass should be properly cured and ground to ensure a consistent and homogeneous sample. Wet and non-homogeneous samples can potentially provide inconsistent results. Wet samples will be oven-dried and ground using validated laboratory procedures; however, our procedures may not be representative of how you create your final product.

Concentrates and infused products should be sampled in a matter that ensures a homogeneous representation of your batch. Retail products should be submitted in their retail packaging to minimize possible contamination that can come from handling.

Sample Size Requirements

Samples must meet our minimum sample size requirements, which varies based on the type of test requested and the sample matrix you submit. Sample sizes are per test.

Plant material (flower, biomass, etc.)

Potency: 2 grams
Pesticides/Mycotoxins: 2 grams
Heavy metals: 1 grams
Microbials: 3 grams
Terpenes: 1 gram

Concentrates (Distillates, Isolates, etc.)

Potency: 1 gram
Pesticides/Mycotoxins: 2 grams
Heavy metals: 1 gram
Microbials: 3 grams
Residual solvents: 1 gram / 1 mL

Hemp Infused Products (Edibles, tinctures, topicals)

– Infused Edibles – 4 units/pieces
– Tinctures – 1 mL
– Topicals – 2 grams
Pesticides/Mycotoxins: 2 grams
Heavy metals: 1 gram
Microbials: 3 grams (at least 2 units)
Residual solvents: 1 gram / 1 mL

SAMPLE Labeling

Samples should be clearly labeled with the following information:

  • Company name
  • Sample name
  • Lot and/or Batch Identification (optional)
  • Test to be performed
  • Turnaround time

Use our sample label template to use with Avery 5160 mailing labels:


Our online customer portal is the easiest way to create and track your orders. Once you have created an account and received your credentials, log into our portal to create a new order. Chain of custody paperwork can be printed from the portal.

In a pinch, our handy Chain of Custody form can help you to organize your samples into an Order and ensure your samples are processed in an timely manner. Complete this form and include with your shipment. Upon arrival, you will be notified of receipt of your order. The assigned Order ID can be referenced in any communication with the lab.


Samples integrity during transit is important. Follow these recommendations to avoid shipping or testing delays:

  • Submit samples in reinforced, resealable containers suitable for your product’s matrix.
  • Glass containers should be bubble wrapped carefully and screw caps should be secured with adhesive tape.
  • Use watertight or leak-proof containers. Sealable mylar envelopes and vacuum sealed pouches work best.
  • Place proper labels on containers to identify products


Your samples are ready to ship. Include all supporting documentation with your samples, such as chain of custody, license paperwork or previous certificates of analysis. If your package is selected for inspection by the shipping courier, including this documentation may expedite the release of your package. If registration or certification is required under the state’s hemp program, Americanna may request evidence of of those documents.

Samples should be submitted in sturdy packaging such as a shipping box, as opposed to an envelope. Plant and biomass samples are recommended to be placed in sealed plastic packaging; preferably vacuum sealed.

Ship package to:

Attn: Sample Receiving
11757 Central Parkway
Jacksonville, FL, 32224 USA

PAYMENTS and turnaround

We accept checks or credit cards. If paying by check, please include check made out to Americanna Labs along with samples. If paying by credit card,  accounting will email an invoice to the billing contact on file within 2 business days.

Typical sample turnaround times are seven days or less. We offer expedited turnaround times for some services. Please consult with your sales representative. Daily cut off for sample submission is 10:30 am EST. Orders received after 10:30 am EST, will add another day to the requested turnaround time.

Do you have a question? An expert is just a call away.
Let's talk!  (904) 549-5948!