Submission Instructions


Before we begin, let us know you’re here. Create an account, then follow the steps below to ensure a smooth submission process. If you have questions at any time, you can call us at (904) 549-5948, send us an email to:, or use our contact form.

Let’s get Started!

Before we start, it’s important to state that shipping cannabis and cannabis-derived products through the mail can be risky business. While we hold appropriate DEA licensing, products originating from outside of Florida can only be tested if they are derived from Cannabis sativa L. which qualify as Industrial Hemp. Please contact us before you start if you have any concerns.

Please read our Terms and Conditions prior to submitting samples for testing.

Sample Size Requirements

Samples must meet our minimum sample size requirements, which varies based on the type of test requested and the sample matrix you submit. Sample sizes are per test. Click below to see more:

Plant material (flower, biomass, etc.)

Potency: 2 grams
Pesticides/Mycotoxins: 2 grams
Heavy metals: 2 grams
Microbials: 2 grams
Terpenes: 1 gram

Concentrates (Distillates, Isolates, etc.)

Potency: 1 gram
Pesticides/Mycotoxins: 2 grams
Heavy metals: 1 gram
Microbials: 2 grams
Residual solvents: 1 gram / 1 mL

Hemp Infused Products (Edibles, tinctures, topicals)

Edibles –
4 units/pieces
Tincture – 1 mL
Topicals – 2 grams

Pesticides/Mycotoxins: 2 grams
Heavy metals: 1 gram
Microbials: 2 grams
Residual solvents: 1 gram / 1 mL


Hemp and biomass should be properly cured. These samples will be properly ground at the laboratory to ensure a homogenous representation of your sample.

Concentrates and hemp infused products should be sampled in a matter that ensures a homogeneous representation of your batch/lot.

SAMPLE Labeling

Samples must be properly labeled with a minimum of the following information:

  • Company Name
  • Sample Name
  • Batch/Lot ID (optional)
  • Test Type
  • Turn Around Time


The Americanna Chain of Custody form will organize your samples into an Order and ensure your samples are processed in an accurate manner. Please complete this form and include with your shipment. Upon arrival, notification will be sent to the email address on file confirming receipt of your sample order and providing the assigned Order ID. The Order ID can be referenced in any communication with the lab.

Supporting Documentation and Shipping

We recommend including any supporting documentation you may have with your samples. If your package is selected for inspection, having any cultivation/manufacturing licenses, or certificates of analysis, may expedite the release of your package. If registration or certification is required under the hemp’s origin state, Americanna may request evidence of of those documents.

When your samples are prepped and ready for submission, be sure to package everything in a sturdy shipping box, as opposed to an envelope.

Please submit a completed chain of custody form as well as labeled samples in your package.

Please send samples to:

Attn: Sample Receiving
11757 Central Parkway
Jacksonville, FL, 32224 USA


We accept checks or credit cards. If paying with a credit card, note “Credit Card” on the Chain of Custody and accounting will email an invoice to the billing contact on file within 3 business days. This will not delay testing.